Winery/Brewery/Beverage Specialists

Precision Crane Service is the go-to source throughout Central and Northern California for construction, maintenance, upgrades, and emergency services for wineries, breweries, and other beverage industries.

Delicate and expensive beverage equipment requires a far greater degree of precision and care than most crane or equipment moving companies can provide. Unyielding seasonal deadlines require strict adherence to schedules to protect your product and your profit. Emergencies during peak production times require a rapid response and skilled operators. Precision Crane is ready to handle all this and more.

Moving Large Wine Tanks

Precision Crane specializes in serving the wine and beverage industry.

A large percentage of the beverage companies in this area have used Precision Crane. With this much experience, we have the know-how to safely and correctly support your needs throughout all your business phases:

  • New construction from the foundation up
  • Temporary structures
  • Emergency work: repairs, providing temporary equipment, wreck/debris removal, and more
  • Equipment placement & replacement
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades, additions, remodels
  • Precision/delicate jobs
  • Rough terrain or remote access
  • Tanks, crushers, piping, HVAC, you name it.
  • Receive-Haul-Store-Place

Our full Receive-Store-Haul-Set service is particularly valuable to vintners and brewers who don't want to become project managers and who must keep to their production schedules. We receive your shipment from the supplier, store it until you need it, haul it to your site, and set it into place. We've done this countless times, for new construction, retrofitting old facilities, and in hard-to-reach corners of steep agricultural lands.

We do the job right, on time, the first time.

Custom Hauling

A typical project for us is handling precision-built stainless steel tanks. We designed and built our own specialty lowboy trailers to safely carry the large tanks required by wineries, breweries, and other beverage producers. No other crane or trucking provider can offer this kind of service.

Trucking a Large Wine Tank

Machinery Moving

If your facility needs heavy machinery replaced without disturbing the fabric of the structure, ask us. We have the experience and equipment to safely remove and replace heavy, bulky machinery. If there are overhead obstructions or no access for a crane, we can carry or move it horizontally into place using fork lifts, jacks, rollers, hydraulic skids, and other specialty lift-and-move equipment.

Throughout every project our certified operators, riggers, and signalpersons keep things moving safely and efficiently.

Difficult Access

Wine, beer, and beverage producers are often located on difficult terrain. Precision Crane has both the experience and the equipment to get heavy and delicate loads in and out safely, reliably, and on time.

Emergency Work ...
Call 800-922-3302

Precision Crane has a reputation for making itself available 24/7/365, particularly during peak times like the crush. We've solved any number of small and large emergencies: clearing roadways, removing stalled or tipped forklifts, replacing damaged crushers, standing in for inoperative overhead cranes, righting overloaded hoppers, providing additional fork lifts and cranes (with operators) to handle peak loads, and far more. For emergency assistance call 800-922-3302.

Safety and PPE

Precision Crane has a total awareness of safety and a commitment to superior quality. We are willing to adapt to any PPE (personal protective equipment) request our clients make.

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