Trucking Services

Precision Crane Service is more than just cranes. We also offer heavy machinery moving and trucking throughout Northern and Central California.

You can have your load shipped to us and we'll store it for you until you need it. Then we'll truck it straight to your site and lift, lower, carry, or push it into place.

Our customers value our receive - store - haul - set service because it makes their jobs easier, improves efficiency, and eliminates jobsite storage problems.

Oversize loads

We provide specialized trucking for overweight/oversize loads. We have standard 16-tire lowboy trailers and special custom-built drop-center trailers, some of which extend or "telescope" to accommodate portable buildings, over-length pipe, or other awkward loads. We handle all the permitting and paperwork with the Highway Patrol and other agencies for variances to move such loads.

Moving a Building

Specialty Trucking:

Wine & Beverage Tanks

Many years ago, Precision Crane developed a specialty for moving and installing stainless steel, wood, and concrete tanks for the wine, beer, and beverage industries. These tanks are built by a few specialty manufacturers worldwide, and transporting them is tricky. You can't just strap one to a flatbed and take off with it; they require delicate handling, engineered support during transport, and balanced lifting at specified structural points.

So Precision Crane built its own custom lowboy trailers specifically to load and move these tanks efficiently, safely, and economically. Our many customers in the wine & beverage industry value Precision Crane because we save them time and money by protecting their investment during transport.

Moving Large Wine Tanks

Got Something Unusual To Move?

We can move the most unusual things and get them there safely. Like a caboose or a helicopter.

Moving a Caboose Moving a Helicopter

In-House Maintenance

Unlike most operations, we have our own in-house fabrication, diesel repair, machine shop, and tire shop. This means we can address breakdowns or maintenance issues quickly, to reduce or eliminate downtime.

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