Crane Rental

Precision Crane Service offers crane rental, trucking, heavy machinery moving, and specialty services for the wine & beverage industry. We can receive your load from the supplier, store it, haul it to the jobsite, and set it in place right where you need it whenever you are ready for it.

We have locations throughout Northern and Central California. We can respond on short notice for emergency jobs, or provide a fleet of cranes, trucks, fork lifts, and other equipment for long-term construction projects. We are experienced in a number of industries, with specialties in wine & beverage and utilities.

Our name says it all. We have the experience, certified personnel, qualified personnel, and equipment to handle delicate jobs on tight schedules where "close enough" isn't good enough. When there's no room for error, people call us.

Standard and bare rental are available. Our equipment roster includes mobile cranes and boom trucks from 18-ton capacity to hydraulic all-terrain mobile cranes of 300-ton capacity.

Truck Cranes

With capacities from 35 to 115 tons, our fleet of truck cranes handles the majority of our jobs.

Truck Cranes Working in Remote Location

All-Wheel Steering Hydraulic Truck Cranes

These can snake their way into tight alleys and other restricted spaces. 70- and 115-ton capacity.

Truck Cranes Working in Tight City Spaces

All Terrain Cranes

For heavy lifting up to 300 tons in steep or remote terrain with a max boom length of 369 feet.

Rough Terrain Cranes

Used most often on unimproved job sites. Capacities from 18 tons to 55 tons.

Boom Trucks

Extremely versatile, boom trucks may be tractor-mounted and able to pull a semi-trailer or truck-mounted with a flat deck to haul smaller items when needed. They handle jobs from 18 tons to 30 tons.

Boom Truck Working on a Small Construction Site

Special Attachments

Precision Crane is equipped with a number of custom attachments for specialty applications, tight access, and lifting awkward or delicate loads around obstacles. These include:

  • Fixed and suspension personnel baskets.
  • Debris boxes for removal of debris or placement of construction materials.
  • Buckets: for lifting and moving rip-rap, boulders, sand, soil, and other bulk materials.
  • Proprietary attachments custom built for special projects.
  • Forks, booms, and additional attachments for fork lifts.
Crane Special Attachment: Utility Workers in Personnel Bucket

Rigging Trucks

Our fully equipped rigging trucks support larger crane operations, provide extra tools and personnel, and ensure greater flexibility in the kinds of jobs we can handle. Each truck comes equipped with an array of power tools, ladders, dollies, jacks, crane slings, cable, additional equipment, and a foreman-quality operator to help manage the job.

Certified Operators

You can rent just the crane itself (bare rental) and provide your own operators. But you can save time and money on the crane rental by using our certified operators. They're certified by the NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) so they've got the training, skill, and experience to do your job quickly, safely and efficiently.

Certified Crane Operator in Cab

Certified Riggers: Rigging Services

Precision Crane offers the services of its NCCCO-certified riggers. Some customers may wish to use their own crane operators, and we offer bare crane rental for that. But one rigging mistake can wreck your equipment and endanger lives. So save yourself time, money, and worry by using our certified riggers to get your delicate, awkward, or mission-critical load properly hooked up, balanced, and secured. Certified signalpersons also available.


Precision Crane has a total awareness of safety and a commitment to superior quality. We are willing to adapt to any PPE (personal protective equipment) request our clients make. We have one of the best safety records around.


Have your heavy load shipped to our yard. We'll store it until you want it, then transport it to your location when you need it.

Mobile Repair

As you know, equipment breaks down. We maintain our own equipment and have multiple mobile repair units, which can go to the site of a breakdown and fix most problems and get the job back on schedule.


We offer complete trucking services, including specialized trailers for oversize beverage tanks, and low-boy trailers for transformers, vaults, generators, and other oversize/overweight loads. We handle all the paperwork with the Highway Patrol and other agencies for moving oversize/overweight loads.

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Machinery Moving

We can slide, roll, carry, raise, lower, or push your heavy load or delicate machinery into place if a crane can't drop it in from above.

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