Utility Specialists

Precision Crane Service is the go-to source throughout Central and Northern California for support of construction, maintenance, and upgrade of gas, electric, water, and communications infrastructure.

Utilities come to us because of our reputation, and we maintain master service agreements with key utilities in California. We've been working in close cooperation with utility companies since 1980. We understand and have business processes in place to assist in project planning and to handle the special regulatory and environmental conditions under which utility work is done.

We have a reputation for working within tight schedules. Many of our own internal processes (such as in-house equipment repair/maintenance and tire repair/replacement) minimize downtime and keep the job moving.

Coordinating with a Helicopter Crew

Services we offer include ...

  • New construction from the foundation up
  • Receive-Haul-Store-Set
  • Erecting infrastructure & walls
  • Equipment placement & replacement
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades, additions, remodels
  • Precision/delicate jobs
  • Remote access in rough terrain
  • Transformers, substations, vaults, towers/poles, pipe, portable buildings, HVAC, you name it.
  • Consulting from the earliest planning phases of the project
Crane Working on Remote Hillside


We provide specialized trucking for overweight/oversize loads that the utility company's standard trucks can't handle, such as transmission tower sections and over-length gas transmission pipe. We also handle the largest transformers, vaults, portable buildings, and other infrastructure elements.

We have special custom-built drop-center trailers, some of which extend or "telescope" to accommodate portable buildings, over-long pipe, or other awkward loads. We handle all the permitting and paperwork with the Highway Patrol and other agencies for variances to move such loads.

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Crane Service

We are experienced with everything a utility might need raised or lowered: transmission towers, gas transmission pipe, water pipe, electric cable, personnel in high-reach baskets, transformers, vaults of all sizes, portable buildings, and far more.

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Utility Work at Night

Equipment Moving

When a transformer, vault, or other infrastructure element can't be lowered in from above with a crane, we can push it into location from the side using a variety of methods.

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Remote Access

Precision Crane maintains a fleet of all-terrain cranes, truck cranes, rough-terrain cranes, and other equipment that allows us to go where other crane companies can't or won't. We are regularly called upon for construction, maintenance, and repair of extremely remote sub-stations, transmission lines, pipelines, and other infrastructure.

Emergency Work ...
Call 800-922-3302

Precision Crane is available 24/7/365 to handle emergency work: downed trees, storm damage, transformer replacement, tower repair, and more. We have a proven record of handling dangerous and emergency conditions with confidence, speed, and care. For emergency assistance call 800-922-3302.

Certified Operators, Riggers, and Signalpersons

Every job is staffed by operators, riggers, and signalpersons certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), so you know they've been trained to operate safely and efficiently. We've got smart crews who do the job right.

Safety Record and PPE

Precision Crane has a total awareness of safety. We are willing to adapt to any PPE (personal protective equipment) request our clients make. We invest in safety because it is vital in a regulated environment, keeps your costs down, makes your project go as planned, and helps us attract top quality personnel. We have one of the best safety records around, and that's one of the reasons utilities come back to us again and again.

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