Industries Served

Precision Crane Service has decades of experience handling projects of all kinds for a wide range of industries. Each industry or business sector has its own unique needs and we are prepared with a range of crane rental, trucking, and heavy moving services and equipment to handle whatever special problems you face. You can't treat a stainless wine tank like you would a culvert, or a stack of roof trusses like a palette of bricks. You need an expert with the knowledge of how to rig and move each unique load, and to do the job efficiently and safely the first time.

Crane Placing Large Wine Tanks

Areas of specialty include ...

We can receive your shipment from the supplier, store it until you need it, haul it to your site, and set it in place. Call us and find out what we can do for you.


We specialize in the construction, maintenance, and upgrades of wineries, breweries, and other beverage industries. A large percentage of the beverage companies in this area have used Precision Crane.

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Gas, electric, telephone, and water utilities prefer Precision Crane. We maintain master service agreements, understand working within a regulated environment, have an unparalleled safety record, and have a fleet of all-terrain equipment. We have special attachments particular to the needs of the utility industry, such as personnel baskets that allow access to the highest transmission towers.

Crane at Utiltiy Work Site

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We've been doing crane rental (including bare rentals) for construction since our earliest days. Many of our certified operators, riggers, and signalpersons are from the construction industry. We've got the right solution for every phase from clearing the land to marshalling materials to raising pre-fab walls to placing HVAC. Industrial, commercial, residential, urban, suburban, rough rural terrain, remote access, state & municipal projects, bridges, roads & highways ... you name it and we've done it.


We have in-depth experience working with governmental agencies and within highly regulated business environments. Our focus on scheduling, efficiency, and safety ensures successful projects despite tight margins and demanding deadlines.

Crane at Highway Overpass Work Site

Tree Planting & Removal

Trees present their own unique problems that only an experienced outfit like Precision Crane should be allowed to tackle: unpredictable weight, challenges with balance, steep or rough terrain, remote access, the effects of wind and rain, coordination with arborists or cutting crews, and the delicate nature of live trees. We're one of the few crane rental services around that will still handle live trees.

Crane at Forest Work Site Residential Tree Removal


Precision Crane has a fleet of boom trucks ready to haul, lift, and set your HVAC unit for new construction or emergency replacements.


Medical equipment - MRI machines, specialty water treatment and pumping, portable buildings - can be remarkably heavy, incredibly expensive, and extremely delicate. Any rough handling can cause damage that may endanger patients' lives. Precision Crane has a reputation for doing big jobs or small quickly, carefully, and on schedule so we're a favorite among hospital builders and administrators.

Specialty Projects

Ever lift the lens out of a lighthouse? We have. It only weighed about 2,000 pounds so purely in terms of lifting, it was not too heavy. But it was a one-of-a-kind object, extremely fragile, and worth over $2 million. And the crane was of necessity located on tricky terrain on a seaside bluff. Read a Testimonial from The Lighthouse Consultant, LLC.

One of the World's Rarest Statues

Moving One of the Worlds Rarest Statues
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